Terms & Agreements

  • All packages includes gas, time of session, drive time.

  • Package  $200 (Includes Dinner or Lunch) You select Restaurant, No In-Home Dinners or Lunch

  • You must be 21 years or older 

  • Debit or Credit card must be present at the time of appointment w/ valid Gov't Issue ID

  • No Refunds are allowed period, unless due to certain emergencies during readings.

  • Public Places are recommend for our safety  (private restaurants, coffee shop, book store, cafe, etc..)

  • In-Home readings are subject only to disable or handicap persons*

  • Person to Person readings only

  • NO additional people are welcomed (includes children, babies, etc) unless verified during booking of the appointment.


$100 1 Hour

$200 2 Hours*

2- Hours packages Includes:

Your Customize Reading

Lunch or Dinner (your choose of restaurant)

Brochures and Reading Material on Love & Relationships (How to cope with a breakup)

Advisor Peach Pen, Business card Magnet

50% Discounts on Next (1) In-Person Readings

25% Discounts on (2) Future Phone Readings

Must be 21 years or older to book an appointment**

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Advisor Peach has the right to refuse services for no-shows
Adpese LLC  has the rights and reserved to this form
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